Ok guys… It’s Spring Break time.  Is everyone excited for that?  You know how it goes, the first day or two the kids are so excited to be off school.  But the next day,  you have to listen to how bored they are at least 20 times a day.  And when they get bored, boy do they get annoying!

Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.  Spring Break is a wonderful time to spend some quality time with your kids.  Hopefully, wherever you live the weather is warming up and you can get outside.  Take them out and enjoy the outdoors with them!  Spring time is so beautiful.  Flowers are sprouting up and certain birds are out and about.

I’ve listed a few of our favorite things to do.  Number 1 & 2 on the list are our absolute favorite right now.

1. Roller Skating:  When I was a kid, roller skating was the thing to do on the weekend.  But yeah, ok I get it, it’s not the 80’s/90’s anymore.  Recently I decided to take my kids skating.  Scared to death I was going to fall on my face, I overcame my fears and rocked those roller skates!  My kids and I had the best time!  Now they ask to go skating every weekend and because of http://kidsskatefree.com I can afford to take them as often as I’d like.  Sign up at kidsskatefree.com and they will send you 2 free passes each week, for each kid under 10.  You just have to pay for the skate rental.  If you have roller skates already then even better!  What a great deal right?  And BONUS for you, roller skating is great exercise!

2. Hiking:  Hiking is such a fun activity to do with your kids.  The fresh air, the scenery, there’s nothing quite like it.  You don’t have to do a trail that’s strenuous or steep.  Just get out and walk in nature.  There are trails everywhere and you can find one near you by going here http://www.trails.com/activities.aspx?area=10031.  Make it fun for the kids by creating a scavenger hunt or playing I spy.  Bring along a camera and let them be the photographers.  They will really enjoy this time with you.

3. U Pick:  Depending on where you live it may be too soon for U Pick but here in Southern CA. with the warmer weather we usually have an early strawberry & flower season.  Kids love being able to pick and eat their own strawberries.  Then they can come home and put their pretty flowers in a vase!  Find a U Pick near you by going here. http://www.pickyourown.org

4. Field Day:  Get together with your mom friends and organize a field day!  Pick a park with an open grass area and each mom can be in charge of one game and it’s supplies.  Let the sack races, tug of war, water balloon fights begin!  But don’t let this be just for the kids. Do something fun like moms against kids and see who wins!  Your kids will think you’re the best!

5. Gardening:  Spring is the time to get outside and get planting!  Go buy a few packs of seeds and have your kids dig the wholes.  This is an affordable activity that will pay off with a harvest!

6. Dance Party:  Low on funds?  No problem, turn on some fun music and shake your booties.  My kids especially love to dance in the kitchen.

7. Bowling:  Bowling is fun for kids!  Skating is definitely our #1 choice but bowling isn’t too far behind.  You can find some great deals on Groupon.  But again if funds are low, fill up some water bottles and tighten them good, grab a ball and play hallway bowling with your kids.  They will love just spending time with you and it won’t matter that you’re in your PJ’s at home (bonus for you)

8. Museums:  Museums are such a fun way to entertain and educate the kids!  Most museums are very affordable and offer kids friendly exhibits.  These are a great option if the weather isn’t cooperating and you want to get out of the house.

Pics from our recent hiking trip.

hiking, spring break hiking, spring break     hiking, spring break hiking

hiking, spring breakhiking

Well guys that’s my “how to keep your kids busy so they don’t drive you nuts” post. 🙂  Hope this gives you guys some ideas on some affordable & active things to do with them.

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