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Hey friends!  Today I’m really excited to share with you 5 beautiful statement plants for your home.  I have each of these in my home and love them!  They are like those pieces of statement jewelry that really pull your outfit together.  Adding plants to your home helps freshen the air as well as freshen up the atmosphere and really make things look complete.

In the past I’ve usually decorated with faux plants because honestly, I just don’t have a green thumb.  But recently I’ve discovered some fairly easy varieties that I think I just might be able to keep alive.  Not to mention the really cute containers you can get now.  Sometimes I buy a container because it’s just so cute, then I have to find the right plant to put in it.  Most people buy the container for the plant, I buy the plant for the container.

For example… this little beauty I picked up at HomeGoods for $7.  You can’t beat that!  I thought it was adorable and had so much personality.  So of course I had to find a plant that had just as much personality.  This little fern did the trick.  Isn’t it a cute combo?!

Lemon Button Fern

Fern, house plant

This lemon button fern is an easy grower.  It prefers medium to bright light and high humidity.  Where I live it’s quite dry, so I will have to mist this one once a week to get it a little moisture.  But for those of you that live in high humidity areas, this may be a good choice for you!

Snake Plant

This beauty here is the snake plant.  Also known as mother in law’s tongue!  (hehe… I love that).

The snake plant is one of the best house plants you can get.  They can be neglected for weeks at a time and still look fresh!

This plant does well in low light, but will grow faster in indirect sunlight.  These plants take little water, especially in the winter.  In warmer weather, water the plant and then let it dry out completely before you water it again.

The snake plant cleans the air of toxins.  So besides looking beautiful and needing little care, this plant benefits your health as well.

snake plant, beautiful plants, house plants

Rubber Plant

Next up we have the rubber plant.  I came across this plant while reading an article on   Below is the picture of the plant I fell in love with.  Talk about a statement plant!  This is a conversation starter for sure!

rubber plant

Above Photo Cred:

Below is my rubber plant.

Rubber Plant

This one is my baby.  I picked it up about 4 months ago and it has done very well in my home.  I read that if you start with a young rubber plant and keep it inside, it will adapt well to being an inside plant and not grow as tall.  If you want this as an outdoor plant, I hear they can grow up to 50′ tall!!!

This plant prefers bright, indirect sunlight that isn’t too hot. If you put it directly into the sun the leaves can burn.

Winter is their resting season and therefor needs less water.  Summer time they also prefer humidity so it’s a good idea to mist them once a week or wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth.  Keep the soil moist in the summer but be careful not to overwater.  You’ll know if you’re giving it to much water because the leaves will turn yellow and fall off.

This sounds like a lot, but so far this plant has been easy to care for.  Leaves are shiny and healthy and I just love looking at it!

Xanadu Philodendron

Next up on the list we have the Xanadu Philodendron.

This was the first living house plant that I purchased.  I guess you can say this was my tester plant.  I’ve had this one for about a year and a half now and it has done very well.  However recently the tips of the leaves have begun to turn yellow.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong, especially because we haven’t changed anything in it’s care since we’ve had it.  I will try to add some fertilizer to the soil to see if that helps.


Still, to have this plant for a year and a half and for it to still be alive is a win in my book!  This plant like the others enjoys indirect sunlight.  The philodendron will let you know if it’s not getting enough sun because the leaves will start growing and reaching for the nearest sunny location.  Water when the top half of the soil gets dry.

I love this plant because of the exotic look.  Even in the winter it gives my home a tropical feel.  I just love it!

**This plant is also known to be poisonous to animals and kids if swallowed.  So if you have a pet that likes to nibble on your greenery or a small child in the house I would not recommend this plant or you.  My youngest is 6 and all of my kids know not to eat this plant!

philodendron leaf

I just love the big leaves on this beauty!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Last but not least is one of the most popular house plants out there right now.  Just about every designer uses them in their designs.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen an episode of the Fixer Upper where Joanna Gaines didn’t have one of these big beautiful trees in her client’s homes.

Yep you guessed it, it’s the Fiddle Leaf Fig!  Such a gorgeous tree.  The big waxy looking leaves are just stunning.  These trees are so beautiful they actually look fake!  This tree is the fashion forward accessory that your home needs.  This plant is like an expensive sculpture piece for your home without the cost!  Now… if we can just keep it alive!

fiddle leaf fig

Photo Cred:

Everyone wants these trees right now but they aren’t easy to find.  And when you do they are likely pretty pricey if you get a large one.  Most people want one that’s already grown and tree looking rather than waiting for them to grow.

I recently picked up two 6″ pots here.  They arrived quickly and were wrapped up well.  The leaves looked healthy and stood tall.  I chose two of them quite honestly because I read they can be a little more difficult to grow.  So I figured by getting 2 I’d have a 50/50 chance of one of them surviving right?  And the 6″ pots were priced reasonably!

Well I’ve had my plants for 2 months now and I’m pleased to say they are doing great!  I transplanted them immediately into bigger pots.  I added a little gravel to the bottom of the pot, and I water about once a week and wipe down the leaves with a damp cloth.

Here are my fiddle leaf figs.  Not bad right

fiddle leaf fig, house plant

fiddle leaf fig, house plant

Well guys that’s my roundup of my 5 favorite beautiful statement plants for your home.  Besides the two pictures showing photo credits underneath these are all pictures of my plants in my home.  I will update you as these plants grow taller and let you know what I learn about their care.

Do you have any of these plants in your home?  Plan on getting any of them?  Leave a comment & let me know!  If you have any tips for me I’d love to hear them.


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