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Have you noticed that the bar cart seems to be everywhere lately?  Target has some in their stores, Homegoods usually has a few to choose from and pretty much any online home furnishings retailer has them in stock.

You may be asking yourself, Why would I need a bar cart?  Maybe you’re like me and imagine the bar cart in the ritzy homes that have the expensive Scotch’s in the crystal decanters, (ok maybe I watch a little too much General Hospital) or maybe you’re not a drinker and don’t see a purpose for a bar cart?

Well I’m going to show you just how fabulous the Bar Cart is and all the many ways you can use one.

Check out this beautifully styled party cart!  What a stylish element to add to a birthday celebration, or any celebration for that matter!   Guests can help themselves to some punch, grab a cupcake and a napkin and be ready to mingle.

bar cart, birthday party


Using the cart as a dessert table would be a great idea too!  Imagine rolling the cake out to the birthday boy or girl while singing happy birthday.  With a beautiful cake on top, use the second tier to hold plates and utensils and if you have the room more punch and an ice bucket on the bottom.

What I love about this for entertaining is that most of these carts come with wheels.  This makes it very versatile for both inside and outside get togethers.


coffee bar cart


If you’re a coffee lover like me, then you will love this one!   All I need is a cozy chair to park right next to it and a good book and I’d be in heaven!  I especially love the design elements she added to give it a great put together feel.  I love any opportunity to have an extra place to set out a cute little plant.

This is a great idea for smaller homes or apartments.  A lack of counter space should not mean you have to forgo the luxury of a great cup of coffee and why not do it in style?

This sure beats the plain ol’ coffee maker I have sitting on my counter.  To be honest, I wouldn’t mind having this beautiful little set up in my master bedroom.  It would be lovely on a Saturday morning to roll out of bed to this.

Do you love this?  Do you want this in your home or apartment?  Yeah I don’t blame you, I do too.  Well GUESS WHAT?  You can get it by going over to and checking out the step by step tutorial that Tabitha Blue put together.  Complete with a shopping list, instructions and great pictures.

If you decide to put this together, come back and let us know how it turned out!  Would love to see how you use it and style it!

outdoor bar cart


Ok guys… here is another one I just love!  Going in to March, here in Southern CA. that means the weather will be warming up soon and I plan to spend A LOT of time outdoors.  I love how simple this one is, but again the options are endless.

Having people over?  Set this up with a nice fruit salad in a large glass jar with a lid, along with a couple different beverages (I’ll be posting some great Agua Fresca recipes soon!). Maybe some chips and salsa and this turns into a great little entertainers stations.  All while saving your space on your outdoor table.

Have a pool?  Just like the picture shows this is a great pool towel and refreshment station.  I plan on setting one up like this this summer.  This will be great at preventing the kids from running in and out grabbing water, ice or forgotten towels.

Want to do breakfast outdoors?  Yep, this cart can hold all your goodies.  So load this baby up, go outside and relax.  Enjoy your coffee, fruit and muffins while you get caught up with your favorite blog posts and relax in the fresh air.  You deserve it!

bar cart planter


Last but not least is this gorgeous bar cart hack from Lauren over at  She did a beautiful job giving this cart some extra style.  Head on over to her website and see how she completed this target bar cart hack.

This example is just beautiful and goes to show you can use the bar cart really however you’d like.  It really is a dream for anyone who likes to decorate & entertain.  Or really for anyone who see’s all of the practical uses for these beauties.

There really are more than 4 ways to style it.  These are just a few examples, but as you can see, the options are endless.

So, what do you think?  Have I convinced you of all the reasons you need a bar cart?  After this post I think I need a few of them.  Definitely one for outdoors and a gorgeous one for inside too.  With so many beautiful options on how to use and style them how can I not go pick one up?

Stay tuned for an updated post on which bar cart I choose and how I use it.  I definitely see a couple fun parties in my future.

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