Hi I’m Becca!  I’m a mom of 4 who likes anything to do with the home.  I love decorating, entertaining, trying new foods, traveling, and hanging with my husband & kids.  I live with my family in Southern California and we are often out and about on some sort of adventure.  I do work full-time (blah!) but my true passion is being at home with my family working on some sort of project.  When I’m not working I’m hanging with my family and decorating my home one room at a time.  Below are a few facts to get to know me.

  • I love a good strong cup of coffee (even at night).
  • I’m a foodie and love lots of flavor.  I believe you have to try everything at least once.
  • Although I live in CA, I was born in MI, and my heart belongs in the country.
  • I love to travel and am constantly planning our next trip.
  • I’m really loving the mid-century modern trend right now and all of the gold/brass touches.
  • I’m one of the few left who likes to read actual hard copy books.  I love the break from the computer/tablet screen and the smell and feel of a book.  It’s just so much more relaxing to me.


I started this blog as a fun way to share life’s adventures and to talk about all of the things I love, and to hopefully add some inspiration to others lives!

I love all of the home tours on Pinterest and I love getting a sneak peek into other bloggers homes so I thought it would be fun to start a blog and do the same!  I will incorporate some family topics, travel adventures, entertaining tips and some personal stories that I hope will inspire you!  I hope that you stick around and follow me on this blogging adventure!  Below are a few items you can expect to read about.

  • A kitchen update
  • A home office re-do
  • Different décor projects
  • A pool project
  • Parenting tips
  • Travel stories
  • Entertaining tips
  • A few very personal stories

And who knows what else!

I hope you stick around and get to know me better as I work through and get to know this blogging community better!  I’d love your feedback so if there’s anything you’d like me to talk about on this blog let me know!